Pulp fiction was cheaply-made affordable entertainment for the masses. Printed on wood pulp paper with black ink and untrimmed edges, they were lurid, exploitative, sensational and violent. They were also quite often not very good.

But they were popular.

Whether the genre was detective, western, monster or romance, pulp magazines developed a texture and identity that somehow tied them all together. With editions being churned out every month, plots were simultaneously heavily reliant on formulas and constantly pushing boundaries to shock and excite. A race to the bottom or a well-honed craft?

It depends on who you ask.

And while this was happening in the pulps, Hollywood cinema was just a few steps behind. The western, film noir and monster movies, as well as many of the genres that the pulp magazines spanned, became the most profitable genres for film studios.

And these are the type of films we are interested in at Pulp Movies.

Genre films. Films made to appeal to the darker side of a mass audience. Films that do things a little bit differently. Films that maybe aren’t perfect but are at least interesting.

This, for now, is just an introduction. Watch this space, as we hope to bring you some great stuff very soon.