Tales From The Dead

Tales From The Dead is a Japanese-language anthology feature film of four stories that looks at the quiet terror lurking inside the human soul, showing us that evil does not end when life departs. These original stories show us that life, and the inescapable agonies of the living, carry on into the next … well, life. Deception is as unavoidable as death, and so is payback.

Under the supervision of young Tamika, a medium who has heard enough ghost confessions to understand the venom and malice of human souls, we meet a range of characters whose ails begin in life and carry on in death.

A family, newly reunited with their estranged son, faces the remnants of the bad marriage, and evil intentions, of their home’s previous owners.

An old accountant, trying to set his “books” straight after a life of working for a criminal gang, takes his revenge on the man who wouldn’t let him.

A businessman, hungering for success and material opulence, finds that time is the only truly scarce resource – and the only one genuinely valuable.

Lastly, a surprise ending for Shoko, a lady of leisure, who has a deadly definition of divorce, and meets young Tamika on the wrong dark and foggy road.

The Trailer

YouTube: One size fits all

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