Joint Partners not so Special Edition DVD


not so Special Edition Joint Partners not so Special Edition is a mixed bag of four short films along with a collection of deleted scenes, photo galleries, interviews and other bits and pieces.

T.Fly Boxed
At only one minute long, this is the shortest film in the collection and involves a curious fly that opens a mysterious box. Although not perfect, it is an entertaining one-joke animation.

H.R. PukenshetteH.R. Pukenshette
If you read the title of this film out loud in an outrageous French accent, you will understand the sort of humour were dealing with here. Its also worth noting the end credits, which offers maximum respect to The Young Ones.

After his girlfriend leaves him, The Dude decides to drink himself to death but is interrupted by the appearance of his guardian angel - the eponymous puddle of vomit - who shows him that life is worth living.

H.R. Pukenshette is a bizarre collision between childrens television of yesteryear - sickly songs and a cloyingly sweet message about pals making life worthwhile - and straightforward gross out comedy.

And it works brilliantly.

Asburied is a look back at the once-glorious resort town of Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Its also the film that I found hardest to comment on. Its very nicely shot and does do a very good job of capturing the atmosphere of a town that has seen much better days. But, I get the feeling that the film is also a bit of a nostalgia trip.

I have nothing against nostalgia but, in this case, not being an American and never having been to New Jersey, the nostalgia upon which Ashburied is depending is lost on me.

Bum RunnerBum Runner
Like H.R. Pukenshette, Bum Runner is an inspired piece of lowbrow humour.

The film is essentially a car chase. Except the characters are all homeless and the vehicles are supermarket trolleys.

Every cliché you could wish for turns up in the film - the upturned fruit cart, the pane of glass, the scattered boxes - and all of them are given a gleeful trampy twist.

Bum Runner is sick, silly and laugh out loud funny.

My only real gripe with this DVD is that, at only 28 minutes (plus extras), it is very short. But, as a statement of intent, the not so Special Edition DVD marks Joint Partners as a company to watch - H.R Pukenshette and Bum Runner especially demonstrate a wonderfully deranged sense of humour which I would certainly like to see more of.

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