Morbid Curiosity Destiny (Cindy Baer) has a problem. Every time she starts speculating about a disaster befalling someone, it happens. And she just can’t help speculating because our morbid curiosity is just human nature, isn’t it?

The film takes the form of a video diary, punctuated with a series of photos, in which Destiny recalls the first time her powers of imagination caused a disaster to happen, and subsequent disasters for which she feels responsible. And this is where the film really takes off.

The combination of Destiny’s monologue, which veers from the frantic to the resigned, with a series photos (with appropriate sound effects) makes for a very funny montage which had me laughing out loud in several places.

Actor/Director, Cindy Baer does a great job of holding everything together – on both sides of the camera – to turn a slightly twisted idea into a very funny film with a great ending.