Beer Muscles Barleyville is a beer town. Beer is the drink of choice for the entire population of Barleyville and the most popular place to drink beer is Als Bar.

But there is a blot on the horizon - a wine shaped blot in the form of the villainous M. Pinot Grigiot (Griffin Marks) and his dastardly scheme to rid the town of its number one pollutant. You guessed it beer.

And when the beer does go missing, the outrageous incompetence of Sheriff Bentley (Steve Sherwin) means that it falls to Bob (Bill Booker) and Trent (Matt McGuire) - respectively, the former barman and sacked glass collector from Als Bar - to Find the Beer and Save Barleyville.

Fortunately, Bob discovers that he has super-powers. Im not going to go into details here, but it appears that there is more truth in the Guinness advert than Id previously suspected.

So, with the aid of Als daughter and Bobs love interest, Dorris Dooley (Carmen Jessee) our two heroes embark on their Mission.

Beer Muscles is both a very silly and a very funny film that manages to make a virtue of its low budget. Al’s Bar looks like someone’s front room because Al’s Bar is someone’s front room – and that’s why it’s the most popular bar in Barleyville.

Again, with the superhero costumes, instead of a Spiderman style sudden interest in sewing, we get plausibilty, yet more jokes and a bit more depth to the relationship between Bob and Dorris.

And special mention at this point has to go to the strip club, Kirts House of Ass.

I was also struck, while watching the film, by the surprisingly large supporting cast. Whereas a lot of low budget films tend – not surprisingly – to keep their cast lists very short, the Beer Muscles team have quite ambitiously packed their film with a wide variety of oddball minor characters. And it’s also nice to be able to report that this ambition has paid off in spades.

But, at the end of the day, Beer Muscles is about Bob, Trent and Dorris. And here the film does work exceptionally well with Bobs everyman hero and Trents loudly obnoxious sidekick making for a surprisingly effective - and very funny - two handed lead. While Trent probably gets all of the best lines - and many of them are laugh out loud funny - they work because he has the sheer normality of Bob to bounce these lines off.

Beer Muscles is a gentle and entertaining spoof. It is also the sort of film I inflict on people when I want to demonstrate what low budget and independent filmmakers are capable of. Its well scripted, well acted, packed with snappy dialogue and – most important of all – it’s very, very funny.

It’s also the first film I’ve seen that comes with its own drinking game.