3Here’s an interesting idea – a 3 minute film about three relationships involving three people.

Lee (David House) is visited by his friend, Jon (Mat Betteridge) who’s just had a fight with his girlfriend, Sarah (Sarah Harvey-Smart). Initially Lee is far from interested – it appears that fights between Jon and Sarah are not entirely uncommon.

However, this time around, Sarah has said some things that Jon didn’t want to hear…

In many ways, “3” is the epitome of what a short film should be about – a single idea told with the minimum of padding. In fact, in this case, there is no padding whatsoever, and not much in the way of props, either.

Instead, the film relies on the dialogue and the performance of the actors, with a bit of help from the gently ambient soundtrack.

This does, of course, make it very much an actors’ film and it’s nice to see that director, Steve Piper, has managed to pull together a very talented cast – especially in the case of David House and Mat Betteridge whose understated performances speak volumes about what the characters are thinking.

As is often the case with short films, “3” ends with a twist. And it’s to the credit of the writing that, although I could see the direction in which the film was going, I was still surprised by the final events.

All in all, “3” is an excellent example of what short films are – or at least, should be – about. It’s a simple yet strong story, told by a few very talented actors with the minimum of fuss.

It’s also a film that’s well worth seeing.