According to The Freethinker, Islamist students in southern Pakistan have responded to news of the plot to murder an elderly Danish cartoonist by burning a Danish flag. And, in Kuwait, several parliamentarians called for a boycott of Danish goods.

Of course, what really offended these people was that the Danish media refused to be threatened into silence by reprinting the Turban-Bomb cartoon which was drawn by Kurt Westergaard, the target of the conspirators to murder.

After the cartoons were reprinted, youths from the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, a right-wing anti-government Islamist party, protested in the Pakistan city of Karachi, and the Danish flag was burned.

Grouped outside the Karachi Press Club, the students held up banners reading “We strongly condemn the act of insulting the Prophet by the Denmark Press” and “Prime Minister of Denmark and the Pope should apologise to the Muslim community”.

Er the Pope? How did he get involved? Or are we just seeing the the wilful ignorance of the radically religious being displayed yet again?