Following the lead of an umbrella organisation of Indian Islamic clerics in seeking to ban The Da Vinci Code, Muslims in Russia and Azerbaijan have leapt onto the bandwagon.

In Russia, the Central Spiritual Directorate of Muslims (CSDM) has called the film blasphemous and called for it to be banned.

We equal this film with the recent Prophet Muhammad extremist cartoons as the novel and the film desecrate the Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ) worshipped by the Muslims, the CSDM statement received by Interfax on Thursday reads.

They go on to demonstrate a complete lack of any sense of proportion by claiming that Russian Muslims regard public and mass provocative showing of such hack work to be an highly sophisticated form of spiritual genocide against the peoples of Russia.

Admittedly, I wouldnt disagree with the description of Dan Brown as a hack, but the rest is bonkers. Which leads us nicely to Azerbaijan where Gadzhiaga Nuriyev, head of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan has called for not only the film, but also the book, to be banned.

Lack of respect for the feelings of believers, whether they are Muslims, Christians or representatives of other world religions, is inadmissable.

Sorry mate, but if you can get this worked up about a very bad film based on a not very good book then any respect I may have had for your beliefs goes straight out of the window.

(via MediaWatchWatch)