Taiwan drops anti-AIDS ad

Reuters reports that Taiwan has withdrawn an anti-AIDS campaign ad featuring a smiling nun holding a condom after it sparked an outcry from Roman Catholics.

The poster, which shows the nun holding the condom with both hands and saying Although I dont need one, even I know, had been removed from all condom machines in Taipei hospitals, subway stations and elsewhere.

Clearly the Catholic Church feels that preventing AIDS from spreading through 23 million people is less important than offending the sensibilities of 300,000.

Taiwan censors Chinese media

Taiwan has decided that the best way to promote understanding between themselves and China is to ban the Chinese media (specifically, news agency Xinhua and the Peoples Daily) from operating on the island.

According to Reporters Without Borders:

Even though the Peoples Republic of China is certainly no model of press freedom, using censorship against its media makes no sense. We believe that the right to news and information should in no circumstances be compromised because of political differences.