Thai Horror film Ghost Game is generating outrage in Cambodia over resemblances between the films settung and the infamous Khmer Rouge Toul Sleng torture centre.

Accusing the Thai film makers of disrespect for the victims of Cambodias genocide, head of the Cambodian Culture Ministrys cinema department, Kong Kendara, said his office would cooperate with the Interior Ministry to confiscate and destroy any copies of the movie in shops in the capital.

In Ghost Game a group of 11 young Thais play characters in a TV reality show who must stay in a haunted Cambodian prison and brave angry ghosts to win prize money. The set of the film, directed by Thailands Sarawut Wichiensarn, reportedly depicts lines of photographs on the walls in a seemingly direct reference to Toul Sleng, as well as piles of skulls and skeletons.