A play by Surinamese playwright Sharda Ganga has been cancelled by the Central Bank Auditorium at the Port of Spain after she refused to remove three swear words from the script of her Carifesta IX production No More Stories.

The auditorium staff demanded that the well known playwright drop the scene in which the f-words are said from the production and threatened to shut off the lights if she failed to comply.

The play is about a wake organised by friends for a man who died alone, and during the wake, they drink, eat and tell stories. During the second scene, the mother of one of the men at the wake enters and does a monologue about the hardships of her life, during which three obscene words appear.

During rehearsals Ganga was stopped and allegedly warned to remove the foul language from the play. Failure to comply, she was told, would see the lights being turned off during her production.

The Dancehall Act of 1931 bars all cursing in public spaces and outlines a monetary charge and/or a jail sentence for such an offence.

The National Drama Association has called for an immediate review of the law.