Cuban authorities have arrested one of the islands leading punk rock musicians, Gorki Aguila of band Porno Para Ricardo. He is likely to be charged with dangerousness, which allow the authorities to detain people who are likely to commit crimes.

According to fellow band members, he was picked up by police at his home in Havana on Monday as the group were preparing to record their latest album.

The groups lyrics are often critical of life on the communist island.

The head of Cubas illegal, but tolerated, Human Rights Commission, Elizardo Sanchez, confirmed the detention and said that so far no-one has been allowed access to visit him.

Another member of the band, which was formed about 10 years ago, lead guitarist Ciro Diaz, said he was told by the police that the 39-year-old musician would face charges of dangerousness.

Under Cubas penal code, the charge covers behaviours contrary to the standards of communist morality.