Zimbabwean newspaper editor Bill Saidi has been sent a bullet in the post with a note warning: Watch Your Step. Enclosed with the bullet was a copy of a cartoon from his paper, The Standard, showing three baboons laughing over an army salary slip.

Earlier, the same paper had reported that many soldiers are deserting the army and moving to South Africa to work as security guards for better pay.

Mr Saidi told the BBC the bullet was a clear case of intimidation.

I was shocked to see the bullet. Someone was trying to send a dreadful message to us, the acting editor of the private weekly said.

After receiving the anonymous warning, Mr Saidi said the army had written to him requesting a meeting to familiarise itself with the operations of the paper.

A date would certainly be put aside for the meeting, he said.

In recent years the authorities in Zimbabwe have introduced increasingly strict media laws and closed down several newspapers that were critical of the government. The Standard is one of the few to survive, so far.

The cartoon that prompted the threat can be seen below.