Religious restrictions for Harry Enfield

Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse have reunited after eight years to make Harry and Paul, a sketch show with a completely new gallery of characters and, as Media Watch Watch notes, the post-watershed comedy has already fallen afoul of religious sensibilities.

First of all is the news that two of the characters – an unnamed Muslim hoodie and a paedophile Catholic priest – were scrapped on the instructions of executives at the Tiger Aspect production company. According to Enfield: I was told, Dont even go there.

Separately, the Philippines government has written to the BBC to complain about a sketch in which a character attempts to mate a northerner with a Filipino maid. You can see the sketch below and its quite clear that the racist attitude of Enfields character is the butt of the joke – but who needs irony when theyre being sensitive?

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  1. on 08 Oct 2008 at 5:30 pm sparks

    I would like to thank the BBC show Harry and Paul for inadvertently mirroring back to Philippine society its atrocious short-comings.

    To remind us we are a nation with over 12 million overseas workers and migrants in 193 countries and territories. To remind us that our piss-poor governments of the past three decades have been whoring its people to work with little rights abroad. To remind us that the billion dollar remittances they send home, the third largest in the world, are earned in quite literally blood, sweat and tears. To remind us that migrant labour deserve rights and protection. To remind us that the few entrenched elites in this country are determined to keep the many poor hopeless, ignorant and without opportunities that they would brave working in Iraq at the height of the war. To remind us that very young Filipinas are trafficked out of the country by the tens of thousands. To remind us that every once in a while, they come home in body bags.

    So, yes. Thank you Harry Enfield. Heres to more laughs.

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