What kind of leader launches an open assault on the press, accusing it of jeopardising public safety and demanding that it put its ‘house in order’? What sort of ruler proposes ‘guidelines’ to the press on what stories it should cover, and even worse, what kind of language it should use to cover them, what kind of people it should employ, and what kind of values it should uphold and communicate to the mass of the population? Kim Jong-il, perhaps? Saddam Hussein, before he was chased into his hole in the ground and later executed? How about Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London?

- Brendan O’Neill on The Search for Common Ground: Muslims, Non-Muslims and the UK Media, a document commissioned by the Greater London Authority to explore the alleged rise of Islamophobia in the media.

The entire team behind the report is a member of - or connected to - the Muslim Council of Britain. Unsurprisingly, the report concludes that the media shouldnt be critical of the Muslim Council of Britail.