Poms whinge so hard that beer ad is pulled

Back in December I mentioned that a group of British expats in Australia calling themselves British People Against Racial Discrimination (BPARD) had launched a legal action to try and ban an advert for Tooheys’ Supercold beer.

Sadly, they succeeded.

The radio advertisement for Tooheys brewery and its New Supercold beer employed a group of Englishmen to sing the tune of Land of Hope and Glory using various synonyms for whinge, including whine, moan, slag and complain.

The advertisement ended with a voiceover saying: “Introducing Tooheys New Supercold, served so cold it’s a Pom’s worst nightmare.” The bureau ruled that negative words in the advertisement detracted from what it said was the otherwise playful nature of the word Pom. Instead, Pom had been given “a derogatory and almost hostile meaning”, Mark Jeanes, the acting chief of the bureau, said. The advert has been withdrawn.

The group had also contested another version of the advert that had been made for TV. It featured footage of an overweight, pale man, wearing a Union Jack T-shirt, cringing in fear at the offer of a cold beer. The advert was withdrawn before the action against it could proceed.

(Via The Melon Farmers)

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  1. on 07 Sep 2008 at 8:52 am Darren

    If you look at the dears face on the Tooheys New label you will see a subliminaly imbeded SEX across its face.The E is right next to the nostril (easy enough to see)the X is the dark part that forms a cross in the inner right ear and the S is the ear on the left.So the S snd E are light and the X is dark.Take a look.

  2. on 07 Sep 2008 at 10:48 am Paul

    Um Pareidolia

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