This is the first post in a (potentially very) occasional series in which I remember those one-hit-wonders, minor celebrities and moderate successes of my teenage years after just having discovered where they are now.

First up is Tiffany, the American teen who in 1987 achieved international stardom with I Think Were Alone Now. In 1988 she fell out with her manager and her mother and stepfather over control of her career an earnings and, after a series of legal battles, her brief career pretty much came to an end.

Now shes back with a new record deal, a new album and an updated version of – inevitably enough - I Think Were Alone Now.

More interestingly, she appears to be branching out into a film career. She has already starred in The Isolationist, a dark comedy about trying to get away from it all. She has has also joined the cast of horror film, Necrosis, which has just started shooting.

Its too early, of course, to say anything about Necrosis but – from the trailer – The Isolationist looks like it could well be quite a lot of fun.