R2 Steam Too

R2-S2 Not many people know that the predecessor of R2-D2, was a less well known steam powered droid named R2-S2 (R2 Steam Too) (found via Brass Goggles).

The wood and brass panelling is a lovely touch and, yes, he really is working a steam powered robot as the YouTube video will attest.

Happiness in a pill

Still from Children of Men Children of Men was one of the better films to have been released last year and, in my view, one of the very few really good science fiction films to have been released at all.

One of the things that really draws you into this film is the amount of work that went into the backgrounds - all the adverts, the announcements and the displays that were there and added immeasurably to the atmosphere of the film but, to the characters, were nothing more than the fixtures of mid 21st century life. You probably missed many of them, I certainly did.

But now Foreign Office, the UK based design firm that developed these visuals have released a show reel which - if nothing else - demonstrates just how much creativity went into the set design for this film.

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Yesterday, I mentioned that a social networking website called MyFilms is about to be launched. The url theyve been using up to now is

It turns out that MyFilms dont actually own the domain name. The site they meant to promote was

I shouldnt laugh. Bwahahaha!


After Flixster and Withoutabox, The Guardian reports that yet another film oriented social network is on the way, and it sounds quite interesting.

The website is called (theres nothing there yet - it launches sometime next month) and aims to increase the range and breadth of cinema going in the UK, according to Pete Buckingham, head of distribution and exhibition at the UK Film Council which is backing the site.

Obviously its way too early to say anything about this site, but its ambitions are certainly laudable and, if things go as intended, this could well be a site thats worth watching out for.

Starship Sofa

The Starshipsofa guys If you ever look at my blogroll, you may have noticed several podcasts on there. I keep meaning to mention some of these more explicitly but, being the disorganised soul that I am, its something I still havent gotten around to.

However, having just listened to Episode 29 of Starship Sofa, I can stay silent no longer.

Starship Sofa is a science fiction podcast in which the two hosts - Tony C. Smith and Ciaran OCarroll - pick a subject and, taking inspiration from Ronny Corbett, embark on a digression packed conversation around their chosen field. The results are always entertaining, often informative and well worth a listen.

Check them out but I have to warn you that if youre using headphones, the first 14 minutes of Episode 29 are beast heard in private unless youre comfortable with a room full of people wondering why youve just started laughing like a drain.

Are you watching what Im watching

After surfing past it a few times, and hearing it mentioned on a couple of podcasts, I have finally signed up to yet another social networking site - this time its the turn of Flixster, which is based around shared film ratings.

So now you can click here to find out if you like what I like, or here to take a peek and my profile. Or not, as the case may be.

Chuck Norris tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

God Forget about all the remake dreck that is floating around at the moment and turn your attention to the one film that needs to be made. The true story of the myth who became man.

The Legend of Chuck Norris.

And if that didnt convince you, click here.

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Look whos back

Pulpmovies opened its doors seven years ago, so Ive been going for a while. But nowhere near as long as Stomp Tokyo, the original B-movie website which was launched way back in 1996.

And theyve just had a rather spiffing revamp with a whole new look and a Wordpress powered back end (which is one area where I did get there first). Go check it out, and while youre there take a look at Chris Hollands look back at ten years of highlights.

The best of the movie blogs

Following on from my last post, maybe now would be a good time to start filling up the blogroll all over again. But I have no intention of doing this myself which is where you, dear reader, come in.

For me, FilmRot, FilmStalker and Twitch are all required reading. But if you know of a film or film-related blog that deserves a plug, leave a comment so we can all take a look.

For lovers of love scenes

 The Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes The Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes is exactly what it says on the tin. Films are rated on build-up, kissing, and love scenes.

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