April 2009

Happy Lepus Night

Its that time of year when I shut down while I stuff myself with chocolate eggs. Enjoy the rest of the weekend but remember

Beware the Easter Bunny!

And on a slightly related note, this spoof book cover is comedy gold.

Contains swearing. Awesome swearing

Armando Iannuccis In The Loop is a hotly anticipated (by me, at least) satire in which the US President and UK Prime Minister fancy a war.

The film is due to hit UK screens on April 17th and, to get you in the mood, the good folks at Empire have four exclusive clips / deleted scenes / webisodes (the borders are a bit porous) online, here (via Twitch).

And if that wasnt enough, two of the characters have have short but very entertaining Twitter accounts. Go take a look at Malcolm Tucker and his Chief Press Officer Jamie MacDonald.

The No Right Turn Postcard Collection

With the world premiere of independent feature film No Right Turn (review, trailer) fast approaching, the folks at Last Exit Productions have released a set of three promotional postcards.

Theyre gorgeous.

Pixar vs Dreamworks

This cartoon (which I found at Zombie Room) nicely sums up the difference between Pixar and Dreamworks.

Click on the picture for the full size version.