Will the Dangerous Pictures Act kill the UK comics industry?

Comic Shop Voice (via io9) thinks so.

If youve been living under a rock – or not paying attention to the antics of the UK government - for the past few months, the Dangerous Pictures Act – or the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act, to give it its fluffier sounding and more tabloid friendly official title – makes it a criminal offence to possess an “extreme pornographic image”, the definition of which is vague, to say the least.

Because this is a minefield for the law it then falls on the Police to enforce it, and it is their judgement that could lead to a prosecution. We COULD get to a point where the police could legitimately visit your home or workplace, and sanctioned by an un-elected magistrate or judge go through your collection and if they find any comic book that they feel will cause sexual arousal or displays extreme violence then they could arrest you.

And what is frightening about this law is that it gives them carte blanche to invade our lives, to shut down our comic shops and ultimately it could lead to censorship of books and films as well.

And before you point out that these are just fictional stories told with pictures, the government has already closed that particular loophole.

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