June 2008

Zombies. Chainsaw. Claymation

Found at Quiet Earth.

End of an era

Variety (via) are reporting that Tartan Films has finally closed its doors after 26 years of bringing some spectacularly original films to European shores.

Employees turned up on Thursday to find the doors locked and were later told that the company had followed its US subsidiary into receivership. Hopefully their library will be picked up by someone who will continue to give these films the support they deserve.

Pot meets imaginary kettle

Christian Voice, the one-man campaign led by Stephen Green, is a group with a rather sordid history of resorting to threats and blackmail in pursuit of their aims. One of these aims was Greens campaign to ban Jerry Springer: The Opera, which he lost rather spectacularly.

Now hes facing bankruptcy.

At a hearing a fortnight ago, the BBC’s Mark Thompson and Jonathan Thoday, producer of JSTO, were awarded costs totalling £90,000 against Green. The BBC’s solicitors were awarded £55,000 and Olswangs Solicitors, who acted for Thoday, got an order for £35,000.

The money was due to be paid yesterday, but Stephen Green is pleading poverty.

And in an incredible display of bare-faced cheek he has written to both Mark Thompson and Jonathan Thoday asking them to waive their costs “in the interests of goodwill and justice”.

Goodwill? Justice? This man has no idea what these words mean. This is the man that heads a nasty little group (membership: Stephen Green) that has been willing to blackmail a cancer charity into refusing money raised on its behalf by JSTO, and has repeatedly used harassment and intimidation in its fanatical campaigns against JSTO and gay organisations it disapproves of.

I shall attempt to resist the temptation to gloat and suggest instead that if Green really does believe in his god, he should start praying.

Its never too early to introduce children to classic films

Check out Fridays Dork Tower.

Has Robert Rodriguez given up on the Barbarella remake?

IO9 thinks so. Rodriguez remake of Barbarella has been on and off again but, back in April, Rose McGowan – who was slated to star (or not) – was saying that the film was on and in pre-production.

Now, however, we have the news that Robert Rodriguez is to direct Rose McGowan in a remake of Red Sonja, expected to be released in 2010. According to a USA Today article, McGowan came to Rodriguez with a script about the scrappy warrior who vows never to sleep with a man until hes bested her in combat. He became excited by the script, but she was surprised to be offered the role.

When they first came to me with it, I thought it was funny, says the actress, 34. I do have a body made for sitting on a veranda with mint juleps and a parasol. I dont know why I always have to save the planet.

Rodriguez considers her a perfect fit as the mighty, and mighty voluptuous, avenger. Rose is a pistol. Shes whip-smart, has attitude to burn, is sexy, extremely strong, yet has a vulnerable side that would surprise her closest friends. That description also fits Red Sonja.

So where does that leave the Barbarella remake? Filming on Red Sonja is due to start in October and – according to IO9 – it turns out that McGowan and Rodriguez were already pitching another script for her to star in as of last month — a women in prison TV drama called Women in Chains. On top of this, Rodriguez is also directing Shorts, a family comedy.

So it sounds very much like they have already given up on Barbarella, even if they havent admitted it yet. I cant say Im too unhappy.

George Carlin dies

Grammy-award winning comedian George Carlin, best known for his Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV routine, has died of heart failure aged 71.

Hell be missed

Brave Sir Robin

Bravely bold Sir Robin rode forth from Camelot
He was not afraid to die, O brave Sir Robin
He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin

Labour wont stand against Davis

Brave Sir Robin ran away
Bravely ran away, away
When danger reared its ugly head
He bravely turned his tail and fled
Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about
And gallantly he chickened out
Bravely taking to his feet
He beat a very brave retreat
Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin

Portability came later

MP3 player, circa 1951

Inadvertant comedic truth

The latest film to fall foul of exaggerated religious sensitivities is Mike Myers latest comedy, The Love Guru which has become the target of a petition, even othough none of the people objecting to it have actually seen it.

Even though both Myers and Paramount Pictures, who produced the film, have pointed out that religion portrayed in the film is purely fictional.

Mike Myers himself has described the religion he lampoons as a mythical creation - its like the Force in Star Wars.

I cant help but wonder whether Myers has accidentally identified the real sensitivity behind this premature outcry: that deep down the religious know as well as the rest of us that all religions are as fictional as the Force in Star Wars.

According to Bhavna Shinde of the Sanatan Society in the US: They should draw a line when it comes to peoples faith.

They shouldnt, of course, especially when the faith in question is more made up than most. Or should we expect to see Christians complaining about being lampooned in Cthulhu?

You know youre getting old

When you finally accept that you never will get around to replacing all of your vinyl and find yourself looking at best of CD collections instead.