May 2008

There are Nazis on the Moon!

One film that I have following with increasing enthusiasm is Iron Sky. The premise of the film is that in 1945 Nazis went to the Moon and, in 2018, theyre coming back.

The team behind this film were in Cannes last week to drum up funding and managed to get a mention on Kermode Uncut.

The ever dependable Quiet Earth have managed to lay their hands on the Cannes sales poster for the film and now I want to see this film even more.

A musical interlude

From salvatore-pertutti via GodItself.

An unexpected party

Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro will be talking over the internet about The Hobbit on May 24th. You can join in by heading over to and registering.

Less popular than The Matrix

Im told by the nice people at Wikio that Savage Popcorn is the 80th most popular film blog in their index.

So does that make me the Sin City of movie bloggers?

How to edit an interview

Remember last years Noddy Controversy? The indefatigable Heidi Martinuzzi interviews Alex, the editor of Deathrock magazine, and shows us how these types of edits should be done. The fun starts at 57 seconds.

Animated Lem

Variety (via) brings us the rather excellent news that Ari Folman, whose animated documentary, Waltz with Bashir is picking excellent reviews at Cannes, is set to direct Stanislaw Lems The Futurological Congress.

The darkly humorous book, written in 1971, details the exploits of Ijon Tichy, as he visits the Eighth World Futurological Congress at the Costa Rica Hilton. The Congress is set to focus on the worlds overpopulation crisis and comes under attack from both government and rebel forces.

It was my all-time science fiction favorite ever since I was a student, Folman said. One of the advantages of animation is that it can be dubbed into any language so well start with making it in English.

This could well be one to watch out for.

One foot in the grave

The sock zombies are hungry

It all began in a university biology department. What seemed like a routine procedure in a level 3 biohazard facility went terribly wrong. One researcher felt her foot tingle and discoveredher sock had come back from the dead. Thus sock zombies were born and the infection spread rapidly. By nightfall the socks were rising in every neighborhood

Door to Door Atheist!

This is brilliant

(Via The Freethinker)

The flowers on the roubdabout

You know, for an eight year old elephant, Millenium Dome can be incredibly perceptive:

[W]here some countries spend money just to put flowers on the roundabouts because it makes things just a little bit nicer, in this country we spend money on the BBC and its flowers on the roundabouts times a million.

Inochi is alive. Squirrels are dead.

First, check out this rather strange Inochi video.

Then go and read James Gunns Dead Squirrel Story.