January 2007

Hello, my name is Uwe and this is my movie. *

Uwe Boll and Andy Kaufman - but which is which? Richard at Filmstalker has found the the trailer for Uwe Bolls Postal at BollBashers.com. You can try watching it if you really want to, but the site was down when I looked and Richards remarks dont entirely fill me with enthusiasm:

Oh dear. If this really is reflective of the content then I think theres going to be some harsh words said. Frankly it looks as though hes just set out to film some of the worst things he can think of.

Now, I have to admit that Im not the biggest fan in the world of the German maestro. But the first comment gave me pause to - very briefly - reconsider my position.

There is no way someone could make films this bad without doing it on purpose. Someone in on the joke HAS to be in on this. And the payof HAS to be huge.

Is Uwe Boll the bastard love child of Andy Kaufman?

* For those that missed the joke, the title of this post came from here.


Following where ISOYM leads, Ive just added a profile to the film related social networking site Withoutabox.

Im not convinced that anything will come of it, but Ill keep an eye on it for a while and see what happens. Anyone else out there have a profile?

Hes not the messiah, hes a very naughty boy

The Church of Scientology has announced that Tom Cruise is the chosen one, and destined to spread the word of Scientology around the world.

I wonder if hes looking on the bright side of life yet.

Blame Canada!

According to executives at 20th-Century Fox, Canada is the worst source of movie piracy.

Fox are reportedly threatening to delay the release of new movies in Canada unless the authorities take steps to crack down on the piracy.

All together now

Prepare for Glory

As mentioned earlier, I am rather looking forward to Zach Snyder’s soon-to-be-released 300.

Ive seen four spectacular looking posters for this film and now (via CHUD) comes what Warner Bros. have promised will be the final one-sheet for the film.


Prepare for Glory - 300 poster

The berry worst of 2006

Razzies logo Nominations for the 27th Annual Razzie awards have been announced and Little Man and Basic Instinct 2 are leading the pack with seven nominations each.

Bloodrayne gets six nominations and the remake of The Wicker Man and Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause are both nominated for five Razzies.

Ron Howard gets a well deserved nod for The Da Vinci Code, as does M. Night Shyamalan for Lady in the Water.

Winners will be announced the day before some other ceremony, which has also just announced their nominations for 2006.

Script Reviews

Over recent days, a number of rumours have been flying around the internet claiming that - after Aint it Cool News posted a very negative script review - Rob Zombie, the director of the latest installment of the Halloween franchise, has been sent back to the keyboard to hammer out another draft.

I havent really paid a great deal of attention to this up to now. I thought Rob Zombies first directorial effort was dire and as for the franchise itself The original Halloween was a milestone in horror cinema which still stands up today, and I have to admit that I did like Halloween III. But for the rest - Michael Myers returns from the dead hack, slash, hack, yawn. I really cant bring myself to care.

However, while discussing the rumours, Devin at CHUD does make an interesting point on the subject of the rising popularity of script reviews:

More and more I think that the people doing script reviews just don’t know enough about the whole process to make an informed judgment about how that paper will become a movie. It’s like reviewing blueprints instead of a building. Obviously there’s interest in knowing how a film is being approached, what the story beats are, etc, but I’m concerned that the business of reviewing scripts – which briefly went mainstream when the LA Times tried their hand at it recently – is bad for the movie industry. Maybe filmmakers should be allowed to make the movie they want to make – is meddling from fans on the internet who know nothing about making movies any better than meddling from suits in studios who don’t understand the genre/original material/director’s vision?

It is worth bearing in mind that cinema is a collaborative art form. While obviously important, the script does not represent the end of the creative process - and it does change as shooting progresses. Even if it didnt, the director, the actors, the cinematographer, the sound designer, the editor and everyone else who is involved in the making of the film has an impact on it.

A script review tells you little more than the synopsis. We would do well to bear this in mind when talking about films that havent been made yet.

Correction of the Week

Jonathan Calder spotted this gem from the Guardians Corrections and clarifications column:

A rigid application of the Guardian style guide caused us to say of Carlo Ponti in his obituary, page 34, January 11, that in his early career he was already a man with a good eye for pretty actors This was one of those occasions when the word actresses might have been used.

The Algorithm March

This is incredible. Watch this first, then this.

I wish to register a complaint!

Wardytron at Harrys Place has posted a list of some of the madder complaints sent to Channel 4. The most topical - and funniest - of the lot is:

I am finding Davina McCalls huge rear really offensive. I used to pleasure myself when she came on screen, but now she just doesnt do it for me. I really want someone to call me to talk about this.

nuff said.