August 2006

Minority Report

Blair to tackle menace children

Tomorrows potential troublemakers can be identified even before they are born, Tony Blair has suggested.

Sounds familliar

On Hiatus

Reginald Perrin

I have quite a lot going on at the moment so site updates for the next couple of weeks will be erratic, at best. Normal service will be resumed at the start of September.

Quote of the Day: Were all doomed!

If people are that ignorant about popular culture, what hope is there for politics?

- James Graham

An elephant called Religion

Back in January, I mentioned The Root of All Evil, a two part series that was shown on Channel 4.

Ive just discovered, via Perlocutionary, that The Troglodyte has the entire series online, split into nice easily digestible chunks.

Click here to watch it.

The future of project management

Dilberts nemesis As explained by Dilbert.

Star Wars: The Music Video

This is great, just watch it.

(Via FilmRot)

Star Trek Inspirational Posters

Echosphere (via) has a rather entertaining collection of Star Trek Inspirational Posters

Logic: Not as prevalent as you wish it were.
Alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems.

There are lots more. Click here to see them.

George Carlin on the ten commandments

Click here to listen to stand-up comedian, George Carlins take on the Ten Commandments. (via)

Teapot Atheists

Richard Dawkins on the celestial teapot

Save the planet. Drink more beer

Palm beer When the next heatwave hits, enjoy a cool glass of beer dafe in the knowledge that beer bran, a by-product of brewing beer from barley, can be used to clean polluted waters.

Researchers at Kobe Pharmaceutical University in Japan have demonstrated that the bran adsorbs hazardous organic compounds including benzene and trichloroethylene (TCE) from chemical and industrial wastewater.

Since beer bran is readily available as a by-product of brewing, it is up to 100 times cheaper than the more commonly used carbon filters.

Ill drink to that!