July 2006

Snakes on an Airfield

French poster for snakes on a plane Life imitates dodgy exploitation films, almost, with the news that local residents in the Dutch town of Drenthe have called for action to deal with the increasing snake population near the Eelde airfield.

For over 10 years the Russian rattle snakes have been living in the vicinity of the airfield. They are not dangerous but they can reach 2 metres in length and numbers are growing rapidly.

The fist snakes were apparently released in the area by someone who did not want to keep them as pets anymore. Contrary to all expectation the snakes have thrived and multiplied in North Drenthe.

It is estimated there are anywhere between several dozen and a few hundred of the snakes living in the area.

Wheres Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

What is Robert Rodriguez had directed Revenge of the Sith

Sith City still This trailer suggests what we may have seen. Perhaps.

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Ten minute preview for Time Trumpet with Armando Iannucci

Armando Iannucci I briefly mentioned Armando Ianuccis Time Trumpet a couple of weeks ago.

The series starts at 10:00pm on Thursday, on BBC2, and theres a ten minute preview on YouTube.

Come on Tim!

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Is Darth Vader a biger than Jesus?

Not quite, according to The Science Pundit (via).

How do you deal with shallow, self-obsessed attention seeker?

Adam Carolla knows.

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The Dark Side of the Rainbow

Someone has synchronised The Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon. There are some truly priceless moments in the resulting film.

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Stagknight: The Game

Stagknight Ive mentioned British horror/comedy StagKnight elsewhere on this site a couple of times (here and here). Now, with a revamped website on the way which promises a load of updates in the form of pictures new games new trailers and more, the lovely people behind the film have let me have a sneak peek at one of the forthcoming flash games.

So if youve ever wondered what it would be like to wake up as a scout slashing red-maniac, your chance to find out is here.

Its the Jedi scouts that I still cant get over.

The art of the very small

Particle Wave If youve ever wondered what the quantum world looks like, you could do a lot worse than check out this gallery from artist Dawn Meson.

My work is an attempt to paint the invisible. This series addresses the margins of our scientific understanding: the interactions I depict are theoretically understood but cannot be seen directly. These paintings explore the tiny Quantum phenomena that pervade our everyday world. Using color, translucency, textures and shape as symbols, I hint at the rich complexity and mystery in the subatomic realm. Many pieces also exist as animations of a sort: the introduction and evolution of each element in these works echoes the order of events described in quantum theory. A stop-action rendering of these paintings is captured on digital video.

Though my process attempts to mimic quantum models, this body of work is as much about belief structures as it is about science. For many who are not educated in higher level math, such systems of belief are taken on faith. The use of color and line in some of my paintings hint at this by evoking the look of stained-glass windows. These paintings, inspired by my decidedly non-mathematic interpretations of both quantum observations and theory, celebrate the role of visualization and imagination in scientific progress.

The picture on the left is based on the particle/wave duality of tiny subatomic phenomena.

Different colors and opacities in this painting represent the different levels of probability of where in quantum dimensions this particle is. The visualizations here are a meditation on string theory.

There is also a film of the painting here.

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The end of the world. Again

Survivors After the revival of Doctor Who, the BBC is now looking into reviving Terry Nations Survivors as a series of six 60 minute episodes.

The BBC has confirmed it is in talks with the estate of Mr Nation, a co-creator of Doctor Who, about buying the rights to his 1975 series centred on a post-apocalyptic world peopled by survivors from a devastating plague.

Dare I ask about Blakes 7 yet?

Legendary Music. Gripping Terror. Screaming Girls.

John. Paul. George. Ringo. Zombies. Screaming Girls.

It can only be A Hard Days Night of the Living Dead

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