March 2006

Quote of the Day: Its the economy, stupid

Economic conservatives often warm to sects in which a preoccupation with personal salvation turns lower-income persons away from distracting visions of economic and social reform.

- Kevin Phillips

Apply Some Pressure

Another album that Ive been listening to quite a lot recently is Maximo Parks A Certain Trigger and, having just caught the video for Apply Some Pressure on YouTube, I have to say that they do have a very striking visual style.

Watch it here.

Is this the best fight scene of all time?

Be warned, the ending hurts.

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Hairy Norwegian Lesbians!

I mentioned Norwegian Appliance Rock band, Hurra Torpedo, earlier this month. But having just seen their version of TATUs All The Things She Said, I thought Id mention them again.

Watch it here.

Cash Machine

Ive been listening to quite a lot of Hard-Fi recently and they are pretty damn good, as you can see for yourself on this video for their single, Cash Machine.

Belgian farting pig

This is a clip of a farting pig featured in a Belgian childrens show. It just doesnt get any better!

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Must Love Jaws

More trailer fun. This time its the turn of Spielbergs classic shark attack film to be remixed as a romantic comedy.

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The whiny kid at the back of the class is likely to grow up into a conservative. The whiny kid at the back of the summit already is a a conservative.

Quote of the Day: Trust me, Im Tony

What is the electorate supposed to make of a party that flinches from change only because it fears that his anointed successor will prove less palatable to the public than a proven charlatan and deceiver?

- Max Hastings

Quote of the Day: Bad policy obliterates good principles

The Iraq adventure poisoned the well for interventionism, perhaps for generations to come. Not because it made a case on humanitarian grounds, but because it invented a threat that was not there. At the turn of the decade many progressives were ready to believe in a new ethical, rather than realpolitik, motivation in foreign policy. But the Iraq war made a mockery of all that.

- Jonathan Freedland