February 2006

Quote of the Day: No Oscars for journalism

When Americans have to hold up Jon Stewart as their great journalistic hope, the big joke is actually on the media. But suddenly it is not very funny.

- Paul Harris

Movie mapping

Heres a cool way of finding new films. Gnovies is a self-adapting, community based movie referral site. And the recommendations are presented in a floaty sort of cloud thingy.

Its a bit of a gimmick, but its the sort of gimmicky site I can spend hours on.

(via FilmRot)

Super Mario Kill Bill

If youve ever wondered what the Chiaki Kuriyama vs. Uma Thurman figth scene from Kill Bill Vol. 1 would be like if the soundtrack had been lifted from Super Mario Bros., then wonder no more.

(via FilmRot)

Profit through mediocrity

Join The Uwe Boll Institute of Film, or just buy the t-shirt.

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Quote of the Day: One law for all

In confronting terrorism, we are fighting for the safety of our citizens but also for the preservation of our democratic way of life, our right to freedom of expression and commitment to the rule of law.

- Attourney General, Lord Goldsmith

Quote of the Days: Lies we fight with truth

The admirable author Deborah Lipstadt had it right when she destroyed Irving in the courts, challenging his methods as a historian, undermining his reputation, demonstrating his falsehoods and his distortions. It is always tempting to fear the liar and believe, as Mark Twain did that “A lie can make it half way around the world before the truth has time to put its boots on”. But I have more faith than that. I believe that by allowing free exchange, by allowing anyone to assert anything, the truth will triumph,provided that its friends are vigilant and relentless.

- Daniel Finkelstein

I must stop listening to podcasts at work

Im indebted to Lisa Rullsenberg for pointing me in the direction of Mark Kermodes Radio 5 podcast, which I finally got around to listening to today while at work.

I work in an open plan office. Mark Kermode can be very funny at times. Suppressing my laughter became painful at times.

And if I do end up seeing Aeon Flux, its Kermodes fault.

Quote of the Day: And human rights for all

Whats most shocking isnt the torture or the shackling, its that Guantanamo Bay exists at all.

- Michael Winterbottom

Quote of the Day: To each his own

But what I do not understand is the logic that leads some Muslims to try and make non-Muslims abide by the precepts of Islam, it’s a bit silly. Today we start by forbidding them to draw things about Islam, and tomorrow what ? Will they forbid them to eat ham ? To each his own religion, and things will be square.

- Algerian cartoonist, Ali Dilem on the Muhammed cartoons controversy.

Quote of the Day: Truth will out

I am not happy when censorship wins, and I dont believe in winning battles via censorship The way of fighting Holocaust deniers is with history and with truth

- Deborah Lipstadt