April 2005

Bad Teens

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You are the leader of the pack, James Dean and Marlon Brando rolled into one - go stick it to the man!

Do you know your screen delinquents

It wasnt me

A non-profit election message for the people og Great Britain

French A-Team With lyrics!

You learn something every day.

The theme tune for the French version of The A-Team has words. Real words. In French.

Hear it for yourself here.

(via The Observer Blog)

Not me, guv

Following the news that an inquiry in the United States into the shooting of Italian secret service agent, Nicola Calipari, in Iraq has cleared the American troops who killed him. The Independent has published a short list of recent cases of the US military letting themselves off the hook.

* In 2003 a US military inquiry concluded that a US tank crew acted in self-defence when it fired at a Baghdad hotel used by journalists and killed a cameraman. The tank was said to have fired because a spotter was thought to be co-ordinating Iraqi fire from it. Journalists had informed the US they were based at the hotel.

* Last week a Pentagon inquiry cleared the senior officer at Abu Ghraib jail of blame for abuses. Claims that Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez was culpable were unsubstantiated.

* CBS reported in February that an inquiry into the killing of a wounded and unarmed Iraqi fighter in a Fallujah mosque last year had decided not to charge the US Marine who was filmed shooting the man. The Pentagon said the inquiry was continuing.

Quote of the Day: Progress at the speed of television

The Taliban and al-Qaida have said they will kill me. But I dont care. This is the new Afghanistan and they are not a part of it.

- Shakeb Isaar, presenter of Afghan youth show, Hop. As quoted by The Independent.

The station behind the programme, Tolo TV, went live in Kabul in October with a mix of entertainment and investigative journalism and, according to the report

The station enjoys the furore over its youth shows. But it is the journalism that they are really proud of.

The Kung-Fu Statesman

Bored of the election already? Well heres something to energise your enthusiasm The Kung-Fu Statesman.

Kung-Fu Labour are on a mission. Coming up to the election they need to bury the issues and find the pages from their 97 manifesto to avoid any awkward questions when the new one comes out.


(via The BBC Election Blog)

Cock ups and cover ups in Iraq

According to the BBC, the US military has cleared the US military of any wrongdoing when they fired on a stationary car, killing Italian secret agent Nicola Calipari who had just managed to free journalist Giuliana Sgrena.

Call me an old cynic if you like, but the phrase independent inquiry seems strangely absent from this report.

Whip your member!

Heres handy. The Public Whip team have come up with a quick how to vote quiz that compares your views (as entered) to how your ex-MP - and MPs of other parties - voted on a selection of issues.

Click here to have a go

Cannes you dig it?

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Canned goods. Not bad at all. True, some of the more obscure nuggets of Cannes wisdom have passed you by, but you have a decent grasp on the festivals high and low culture, and are as at home with the porn stars as you are watching a three-hour Ukrainian art movie.

Do you ken Cannes?

How tactical voting works

This is from Private Eye

Many Labour supporters in Michael Howards Folkstone constituenccy are toying with an intriguing possibility: that they might give Tony Blair a slap over Iraq and unseat the Conservative leader at the same time.

This deeply satisfying double whammy could be achieved if enough Labour supporters vote tactically for the Lib Dem candidate. In 2001 the combined Labour and Lib Dem vote was more than 3,000 greater than Howards, with the Lib Dem taking the lions share of the anti-Tory vote.

Many Labour supporters are deeply unhappy with their candidate in Folkstone. Maureen Tomison, 63, was for more than 40 years a dedicated member of the Conservative party until she joined Labour in 2001 in protest at her partys Euroscepticism. She unsuccessfully stood for the Conservatives in both the elections of 1974 - in Dundee West in February and Norwich South in October.

In the 1990s she chaired a PR company, Decision Makers (DM), whose co-director was Conservative vice-chairman Dame Angela Rumbold. Both took advantage of the access this gave clients to influential Tory ministers.

Rumbold was forced to resign from DM after the first Nolan inquiry into standards in public life in 1994 barred MPs from being paid lobbbyists. She then lost her parliamentary seat in the 1997 election, buut not before helping Tomison get on the Conservative shortlist for Sevenoaks.

The prospect of defeating two Tories in the same seat may prove just too tempting for many Labour supporters to resist.