February 2005

Halle sweeps the board and turns up

Berry gets worst actress Razzie

Halle Berry thanked the makers of Catwoman for putting me in a God-awful movie when she turned up to collect her worst actress Razzie award.

The actress, whose surprise appearance got her a standing ovation from a packed house, made a lengthy speech, parodying her 2002 Oscar win.

It was just what my career needed - I was at the top and now Im at the bottom, she said.

It has to be said that Catwoman deserved every Razzie that it won, but Halle Berry also deserves a lot of credit - not only for turning up to the awards - but also for having enough of a sense of humour to give an acceptance speech.

Halle Berry is far from a bad actress, but some of her more recent roles have been less than well advised. Hopefully her next project will be a lot more successful than her last.

Of course, if the Razzie organisers could have convinced George Bush (worst actor in a leading role for Farenheit 9/11) to turn up, hed have brought the house down.

I have to get to Brussels in March

So here I was, surfing through a few film festival sites and - not too surprisingly - I ended up at the site for the Brussels International Festival Of Fantastic Film. Not only does the festival have the world premiere of Paul Schraders Exorcist, but on Thursday March 17th, Robbie Stamp - one of the executive producers for The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy will be showing the first images from the film and then answering questions.

This just keeps on looking better and better.

Frankenstein to rise again

Late as ever - and with the usual excuse - but this press release landed in my inbox at the start of the month:

Frankenstein Rises Again in February

Filming begins this week on fresh fable from Double-D Avenger director William Winckler

Los Angeles, CA After cementing his reputation as an audacious independent filmmaker with The Double D-Avenger a movie Variety hailed as a cheerfully silly ode to larger-than-life femininity this week director William Winckler begins filming his latest adventure: a loving homage to classic Universal-style horror films of the 1940s. The yet-to-be-titled monster movie stars Larry Butler (Lost in the USA, Elvis is Alive) and Gary Canavello, with special appearances by Butch Patrick (The Munsters), Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger, Terror Firmer), Raven De La Croix (Russ Meyers Up!, Hear No Evil), David Gerrold (Star Trek), Playboy model Carla Harvey and Cyberspace Adult Video Review (CAVR) Starlet of the Year Selena Silver.

Nobody has done an honest-to-goodness homage to classic black-and-white horror films and monster movies, says Winckler, who also wrote the screenplay. Those films are mocked or parodied in big-budget adventures like Van Helsing, but no modern producer has attempted to recapture the heart, soul and style of the classic monster films. Were changing that: Were going to give horror fans the type of serious monster picture that used to be explored at length in magazines like Famous Monsters of

Along with Frankensteins monster, fans can also expect to see a number of other classic-style creatures. Special-effects experts Rich Knight and Rufus Hearn, who have collectively worked on such productions as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spider-Man, Men in Black and Fear Runs Silent, are crafting all the costumes and makeup effects, with Mel Lewis (Barbarian, Asphalt Wars) signed to pen an original score. The motion picture, tentatively set for release later this year, is being produced by Winckler through William Winckler Productions. Further information on the film, William Winckler and William Winckler Productions is available via The Double-D Avenger Web site.

And that, Im afraid, is all I know. Ive had a poke around and havent been able to turn anything more on this, so if there is anyone out there that knows something, Id love to hear.

An Acting Joke

Casting News: Madonna to play drag queen for free

Madonna is reportedly lining up to play Candy Darling, the drag queen immortalised in Andy Warhols Flesh (1968), for free, according to the Sun.

Okay umm interesting choice

An anonymous source told the tabloid that the singer-turned-actor

which is a very generous description of Madonna. Singer-turned-someone-whos-appeared-in-some-films might be more accurate

has been desperate to make a film where she can earn respect for her acting abilities.

That raised a smile

She is still trying to shake off the bad publicity from the movie Swept Away.

Maybe sticking to what she can do would be a good first step.

Further details about the planned film were unforthcoming.

For some reason, this really doesnt surprise me.

With support like this

Heres an interesting piece of doublethink tacked to the end of a Guardian Story about the Governators attempts to attract filmmakers back to Hollywood.

Figures released in the UK this week showed that the number of films made in Britain dropped by 40% over the past year after the withdrawal of tax incentives in 2004. Many films folded as chancellor Gordon Brown announced the government was closing a tax-relief loophole. However, the government insisted that it was still committed to supporting the UK film industry and that some tax relief would be extended.

Suddenly changing the rules is not an effective way of supporting the UK film industry, and neither is making vague promises of jam tomorrow.

On a related note, Gordon Brown killed my movie.

Quote of the Day: Pot seeks black kettle

To the Daily Mail group, no one in Britain is less qualified to complain about anti-Semitism.

- Ken Livingstone

Quote of the Day: Independent news

We believe it is very important to have a television completely free from advertisers, owners and political influence.

- Helga Baagoe

Free Mojtaba and Aresh Day

Today is Free Mojtaba and Arash Day in honor of the two Iranian bloggers currently incarcerated by the Iranian government.

Arash Sigarchi is still in Lakan prison in the Iranian city of Rashat. Although, fellow Iranian blogger Mojtaba Saminejad has been released from prison in Tehran, he still faces charges. Both were arrested for the opinions they expressed on their blogs.

Freedom of speech is not a partisan issue, not an issue of culture or ethnicity, it is a bloggers issue and a human issue.

Quote of the Day: Whichever you prefer

In the end its a revenue stream. And all revenue streams eventually reach the sea.

- Paul Schrader on what the future holds for his version of The Exorcist: The Beginning which is to premiere at the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film on March 18. As quoted by The Guardian

Quote of the Day: Porn Liberation

If anything, I think Deep Throat was slightly feminist in its intent, because it was promoting, however misguidedly and somewhat crudely, womens sexual freedom.

- Fenton Bailey