November 2004

Pets or Food

Tasty seal cub
Since Ive bored you all - twice - today by droning on about food, I thought Id shoot for some shock value by mentioning this site:

In 1987, Sidney Zwibel was working as an animal disposal technician at a Humane Society in Lincoln Nebraska. He felt that all the animals he was responsible for euthanising were being wasted, and the act itself was irresponsible and immoral in the light of all the people going hungry across America. In 1988, Sidney and a group of like minded entrepreneurs founded Pets or Food™ to take in homeless animals and rehabilitate them to fulfill their destinies as either loving family companions or nutritious, protein rich meat supplements to those going without.

Check out the recipes

Fast shopping, fast foods

Of course, another element in the junk food culture is the way in which supermarkets constantly demand more weight for less money.

Do you know where your local butcher is? Or do you actually like eating pale slabs of chicken derived product?

The Dilbert view of supermarkets

Fast food culture

Super Size Me
I finally got around to seeing Super Size Me last night.

It was a gruesome experience and I can honestly say that watching someone almost eat themselves is not a pleasant experience. That said, I imaging eating yourself into an early grave is a lot less pleasant.

While Morgan Spurlocks experiment is targeted at McDonalds, the film itself is targeted more at fast - and junk - food in general.

I have to admit that I went into this film expecting to be irritated by some healthy eating lecturing. Surely everyone knows that fast food is essentially crap in a bun - okay when youre out late on a Saturday night and looking for something to soak up the beer, but no-one could think that this stuff constitutes a meal, could they?

Well, apparently there are people that do.
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Quote of the Day: Animal rights/Human rights

So long as animal research helps in the battle against disease and disability, thereby improving human welfare, campaigners should champion it as a morally good pursuit - without feeling the need to apologise for anything.

- Helene Guldberg

Daily Linkage

Banned in Bangalore
Bangalore bans a bunch of films

Virus protection is easier than you think

Rival rappers in the Middle East

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
Mickey Mouse News: Fox to pounce on Disney?

Television: The Drug of the Nation

Once bitten, twice shy

In February, the Inland Revenue suddenly changed the tax rules for film financing, undermining British producers investment in a whole stack of films and sending a number of them - such as The Libertine - abroad.

Now, theyre at it again.

A government drive to close tax loopholes in the UK film industry has sparked concern among some of Britains top film financiers and producers, who say it may drive investment abroad.

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Subsidies for bloggers!

So what does NERD stand for?
Give Geeks A Chance Says Think-Tank

Enthusiasts derided as “anoraks” or “geeks” have emerged as an important new social group called “Pro-Ams”, leading think-tank Demos said today.

It said that they should be hailed for their specialist knowledge and major time commitment rather than portrayed as figures of fun.

Pro-Ams should even receive Government investment towards indulging their hobbies as a way to “build communities”, Demos added.

Well, it was worth a try
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Quote of the Day: The authoritarian rump

[I]n the case of ID cards, the frail cockade of freedom has been emphatically crushed by the giant descending rump of matronly authority.

- Boris Johnson

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Links du Jour
Pakistan bans Newsweek magazine

Charles Kennedy and the Liberal Democrats are a more effective opposition than Mr Howard and the Tories

Fiat workers get to watch movies at lunchtime

Jean-Pierre Jeunets latest film is not French enough

James Cameron to take on Battle Angels

101 Uses for ID Cards

Osama Bin London
In The Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson satirizes the Governments complete inability to come up with any rational or realistic justification for their ID card scheme.

Ive already touched on the fact that these things are dangerously unsafe and that The Colonel has no real idea of what these things are supposed to achieve.

So instead, I started poking around on Google to see if there was anything you could use an ID card for. And what I found (throwing cards and a credit card knife) worried me a bit, so I stopped.