October 2004

Global warming and the return of Cthulu

Giant squid taking over world

GIANT squid are taking over the world, well at least the oceans, and they are getting bigger.

According to scientists, squid have overtaken humans in terms of total bio-mass.

That means they take up more space on the planet than us.

The reason has been put down to overfishing of other species and climate change

Dont say you werent warned.

(via Where Worlds Collide)

Maybe neocons should watch Buffy

Ive been watching The Power of Nightmares over the past couple of weeks. The documentary attempts to describe the roots of both the American neo-conservative ideology and radical Islam.

Both, it argues, were born out of the percieved failure of the liberal dream of building a bettter world and both have contributed to a world in which politicians now try to scare us into voting for them by promising to protect us from illlusionary fears rather than offfering any hope of a bettter life.

Against that background, this article in The Orlando Weekly News (link via Blue Glow) provides an interesting counterpoint by discussing the essentially positive values - tolerance, generosity, family, and so on - that underlie Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

[T]he shows prime ethical directive: Humans are flawed and therefore dont own the right to judge – to say nothing of kill – one another. The ideology holds no matter the profit potential involved

The far right occludes our sense of decency by turning foreigners into abstracted nonhumans its OK to slaughter; Whedons crew seeks to humanize even the apparently nonhuman as long as theyre willing to work for redemption.

If the neo-cons want a myth to unite their country, maybe theyd be better off looking to the positive and essentially human values espoused by Bufffy rather than constantly looking for an outsider to demonise.

Quote of the Day: Jumping on the bandwagon

[N]ow is the season of the remake

- John Carpenter, who has signed up to produce a remake of his classic 80s film The Fog.

(Via The Movie Blog)

Bush gets Churchillian

Bush gets Churchillian

Eat out in Hilversum

I like food. A lot.

And, as such, its crossed my mind on several occaions to mention some of the better restaurants Ive been to over the past few years. Admittedly, Dutch food is hardly the most varied in the world - which goes a long way to explaining the bizarre popularity of Febo - fast food at its fastest. But the multicultural nature of many of the Netherlands cities means that there is an incredibly diverse range of international menus to choose from.

Of course, once Im back from a dinner out, switching on my PC is the last thing on my mind, so I have never gotten around to mentioning any of these places.

Until now

Im not a restaurant critic and Im not even going to try. Instead, here is a list of links. All of them are recommended

Indian Kebab Lounge - Indian, original, great food. Curries, of course, but so much more.
Royal Mandarin - Chinese.
De Jonghe Graef van Buuren - Dutch, but the spare ribs are fantastic. And you get unlimited refills.
Las Tapas - Tapas, surprisingly enough. Always full, but if you can find a table its well worth it.
Flint-Stones - Stone Grilled. You cook your own food, but the over the top Flintstones theme is superb.
Chiang Mai - Thai
Sensei - Japanese. Go for the teppan-yaki - you wont regret it.
Taverna De Griek - Greek - very friendly.
Kalinka - Russian
Shanthy - Indian

There is also a fantastically friendly Turkish restaurant not far from the station. But I cant remember the name of it and cant find it on Iens. Ill try to remember to check the name and update this post sometime over the weekend.

Kilroy Throws a Tantrum

Kilroy is silenced after split from UKIPs MEPs

The former daytime television host Robert Kilroy-Silk said yesterday he will have no more to do with his fellow UK Independence Party MEPs during a day of histrionics at the European Parliament.

Mr Kilroy-Silk, whose fame helped propel UKIP to success in Junes Euro-elections, said he was quitting before UKIP MEPs withdrew the parliamentary whip from him over his push to lead the party. He said he will remain in the national party and refused to abandon the leadership bid.

Mr Kilroy-Silk made a determined effort to grab the limelight by earlier demanding the right to address fellow MEPs as the leaders of political groups were asked to speak. Banging on his desk and shouting oi, Mr Kilroy-Silk was refused the floor by the Parliaments president, Josep Borrell, who, despite several minutes of interruption, did not order him to be removed.

But my favourite bit from this story is this:

Mr Kilroy-Silk, a former Labour MP, added: I used to belong to a proper party

The poor dear seems to be getting nostalgic for when he was an adult,

Ugly, tasteless, terrifying and wild Count me in

According to Hunter S Thompson, bush is going to lose the election in November because hes a loser.

The full story is entertaining if nothing else. You can read it here

Instant Kerry

Instant Kerry
Kerrys Instant Polling Results

With advice from Bill Clinton, John Kerry adapts his stump speech as a focus group gives him instant feedback.

Watch the results here.

Quote of the Day: A Europe for Europeans

Europeans have no vote in next weeks presidential election. But we can at least vote on todays constitution, and if the US result goes wrong, it will be all the more important that we affirm our right to different European values.

- Robin Cook

Jennifer Garner in hot lesbian action

Cinema Eye have laid their hands on this pic from the upcoming Elektra movie of Elektra and Typhoid Mary - the films villain.

Jennifer Garner in hot lesbian action

Apparently, this scene took two days to shoot. I cant think why.