Why men’s shirts today fall apart after 30 washes

All of us must have faced the frustration of our dresses shrinking after few washes. Isn’t it? Especially if it is our favorite piece of clothing, then the irritation level is way too high. No matter how carefully we look after them, some of them just don’t stay with us for even few months. Men’s shirts is a pretty apt example of this, as it gets torn very quickly just after few washes. Now what exactly is the reason behind it? Are we not taking care of it in a proper way or is it due to certain kind of usage? All of us face these questions at certain point of time, so if you haven’t yet found an answer for this, let us scroll down to find out the same.

    1. Cheap turning out to be expensive.

    This is quite a true saying. Quite often it is seen that we prefer clothes that are less expensive because we assume that price of a product has nothing to do with quality, but this assumption is not always true. There is a certain reason why branded clothes cost us more than the unbranded ones, quality being one of the prime reason for that price. So, try and buy shirts that are of some reputed and known brand, and just don’t keep stocking trash in your closet which would turn out to be more expensive in a short run.

    1. Sneaky tricks by the sellers.

    Sometimes the wear and try of our shirts has nothing to do with us, as the manufacturers use a sneaky trick to design garments to wear out, lose shape or fall to pieces easily. This is done to force the customers to keep on buying one after the other. For instance, Nike charges £90 (about NZD$160) for its Mayfly trainers, which were originally designed to fall apart after just 100km of wear. This is also referred as “planned obsolescence”.

    1. Habit of overstocking closet.

    A survey conducted recently found out that most of the fashion purchases are now worn just for seven times, as we consider them old and out of fashion after using them for few times. Today, we are so used to buying new clothes, that we often neglect and overlook the quality of those purchases. We don’t even look what is the fabric of that particular apparel. Previously, all clothes were made of natural materials like cotton, silk, linen, wool etc, but today most of them are made of blended fabrics which don’t survive for a long time.

We don’t mean to scare you here, not all of your favorite shirts will fall off so soon. Try and buy your fashion apparels from reputed and known online shopping stores that stock only genuine quality products. Whether its casual or formal shirts or stylish clothes for women, you could get it all on these online stores easily. Some of the famous online shopping stores for your fashion purchases are Tata CLiQ, Myntra, Jabong, Abof, Ajio etc to name a few.

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